Thiruvannamalai & Arunachala

Thiru has been a pilgrimage destination for centruries, every fullmoon tens of thousands of pilgrims circumambulate the Holy Mountain of Arunachala, which is said to be a manifestation of Shiva himself. Since the great contemporary saint Sri Ramana Maharshi settled here in 1895 a lively community of seekers has established itself, making the town the current-day mecca of Advaita Vedanta (the non-duality tradition of India). Various teachers and guides are offering satsangs, courses and retreats, especially between November and March each year.


Mahadevi Ashram

is a peaceful haven located on the shores of stunning Lake Atitlan, providing a true abode for Stillness & Surrender. Ashram guidelines and more information available on their website.

The images below DO NOT APPLY for the upcoming course, kindly refer to the linked website above for location photos.


Sri Anantha Niketan Ashram